Friday, March 5, 2010

My thoughts

Hi everybody

It is not that I have run out of poems, but now I just feel like sharing whats going on in my mind.
Have just been sitting back and observing life whatever I have lived and also others who have been living it and this one thought struck me like an arrow.

When we are born we do not have any idea about God atleast in the conscious mind and our entire concept of God and spirituality is built by people who talk about it, the goodness and badness, the mundane and the divine and so on are concepts that form in our mind by hearing others.

In conclusion it only people through whom God communicates with us. Hence it is us people who are the messenger of God.

Am sure you would have experienced the fulfilment and satisfaction when you said something good to somebody and it impacted that person positively.

Hence we all are messenger of God by default whenever we choose to speak good to others to make a positive impact on them.


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