Wednesday, September 15, 2010


No i have not had a heart break..... no no am sorry to disappoint you all..... infact i would look forward to a heart break at least for that i need to fix my heart on somebody.... ha ha how i wish

On a serious note, over the last few days had come across friends and heard stories about people who were stressed because of relationship issues and i thought let me share a perspective of looking at .... right or wrong... no correct answer.... it is just a point of view



Check out this poem.... and do share what your thoughts are on this and how it makes feel and think.


My journey is my salvation
To keep walking is my motivation
I seek not the shade to rest
Neither to reach a goal is my interest

Not out there to find water to quench my thirst
Neither do I have the desire to do it first
Being aimless I find no confusion
For I laugh at me and the worrying world in any situation

I ask myself many a times trying to understand
Why I cannot walk on water and float on land
Why into the sky I cannot fly
Why people on each other cannot rely

I know for sure a thing
I ain't blindly following somebody or something
My journey of many mountains I need to navigate
To follow that shining star in the pole, my life I dedicate

Why heart breaks are important


I know its been really long since i wrote something, well like it is said there a time and place for everything... and so it is for this post....

One word that occupies a lot of mind space these days amongst all is "relationship" but do we really understand that i don't think we do because if at we did we would never create such a mess out of it.....

Let me try and explain my perspective with very simple examples that we can understand.

A relationship only takes place between two or more 'individuals'. This means there has to be coordination in every sense for it to function and to coordinate well with somebody else you have to be well coordinated yourself.

The problem is when we are not well coordinated we will always blame the wrong coordination of the other than ourselves.

Okay lets take the example of a smal child and the activity of eating... you know the mess they create.... it is your own hand and your own mouth but still you cannot get the spoon straight into the mouth without dropping food. Just think of it, instinctively you can feel your hunger, you know food has to be fed through your mouth, you have to use your hand to feed, etc. etc. yet it takes a few years to master the art of eating without dropping.

Now with your body, organs and senses to coordinate a basic thing takes you so long and by repeated use and practice you get it right, just imagine affairs of the heart and to make things worse emotions attached to it that are difficult to see, undertsand, deal with and the worst part is you do not know where they come from and where they go.

An early relationship is like the child getting the food in the mouth without dropping, it takes a lot of practice, patience and the liberty to drop food. The irony is that we all are just not willing to give our partners to drop the food when oursleves keep dropping it.

Just like dropping food teaches you how to eat properly, heartbreaks are very important to unsderstand your hearts desire and the coordination with your emotion and to balance expectations. When you can see the movement of your limbs and you can physically protect it from danger and injury by way of natural reflexes, unfortunately with the heart you cannot be proactive and in most cases the learning is reactive.

Proactive or reactive, learning is very important and hence the process of heart break on makes you realise what went wrong in the movement of the hand to the mouth.

Understand what you seek for you shall stop seeking in others. Because there nothing that you cannot find within but the depth you want to reach.

If there is life ... there is love.... there is no escape.... live life!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Logic of life

Hello to all hai ji

Wrote this poem last nite.....

Life's logic

This is in, this is out
Now its faith, next you doubt
Somethings sweet, somethings comic
And then those moments tragic
Wonder in those moments where is life's logic

Mind changes like the moment
Memories pile up like a monument
Distancing the self in the name of growing
Till a point where existence starts decaying
Wonder in those moments where is life's logic

The struggle and the pain
And there the pretence of happiness in vain
For the river shall take its course to the sea
Only if as carefree we could be
Wonder in those moments where is life's logic

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Time for a new poem... so take a walk


As we walk through life's path
We realise what is not and what is worth
Memories some that heal the mind
Experiences some not kind

Walk, for your goal you need to reach
Till you do not learn, how will you ever teach
Carry no good, no bad with you
Just keep walking and reach your goal
Only then will the world recognise you for being you

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We see the world through our window
There, somethings we don't somethings we know
We see the sun, the stars and the moon
See the bees hover when the flowers bloom

We see the world through our window
There, somethings we keep, somethings we let go
We see the clouds and mountains
After the summer see dark clouds burst into fountains

We see the world through our window
There, life will hide some mystries, some it will show
We see struggles fill up existense
Also see the fruits of persistence

We see the world through our window
There, life sometimes moves fast, sometimes slow
See the darkest nights lit by stars and fire flies
See the mother in pain when the baby cries

We see the world through our window
There, find love sometimes dim, sometimes glow
Lovers madly in love, see love to pass by
Sometimes love never ceases to try

Friday, March 5, 2010

My thoughts

Hi everybody

It is not that I have run out of poems, but now I just feel like sharing whats going on in my mind.
Have just been sitting back and observing life whatever I have lived and also others who have been living it and this one thought struck me like an arrow.

When we are born we do not have any idea about God atleast in the conscious mind and our entire concept of God and spirituality is built by people who talk about it, the goodness and badness, the mundane and the divine and so on are concepts that form in our mind by hearing others.

In conclusion it only people through whom God communicates with us. Hence it is us people who are the messenger of God.

Am sure you would have experienced the fulfilment and satisfaction when you said something good to somebody and it impacted that person positively.

Hence we all are messenger of God by default whenever we choose to speak good to others to make a positive impact on them.


Monday, February 22, 2010



What is the bird’s connection with the sky?
What is Truth's connection with the Lie?
What is the sea’s connection with the shore?
What is the boat’s connection with the oar?

What is the light’s connection with the shadow?
What is the cow’s connection with the meadow?
What is the mountain’s connection with the cloud?
What is the farmer’s connection with the seed he had ploughed?

What is the mother’s connection with the child?
What is the eyes connection with the mind?
What is the day’s connection with the night?
What is the string’s connection with the kite?

What is the connection between life and time?
What is the connection between your heart and mine?

Long time

Hi Everybody

Apologies for being silent for so long, just living life you know do not really wana give mundane reasons like life has busy etc, it means nothing. But does hold a meaning is the next poem which is completely unconditional and mystical just like my connection with you all.

This poem is titled " Connection" enjoy and if you like it do let me konw if you dont still let me know.

Also wanted to share with you all about this confernce I am attending, its called Cerebrate, go thru the link....

check out the poem

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will I

Happy Diwali everybody

Had to share a poem with you all wonderful people on Diwali.

Wrote this poem last Thursday and in 5 minutes flat. I am personally very content with this poem as when you read a poem you get to know whats good and whats not. This poem will make any woman fall in love with her man again if her man said whats written in the poem. ( I hope so...)

Will I

Will I ever be the man that you want me to

What if I leave you when you don't want me to
Will I ever be able to protect you like you would want me to
What if let go when you would like me to hold you

Will I ever be the friend that you were looking for through the years
What if am not there when you need to share your tears
Will I ever be able to understand
What if time slips between us like grains of sand

Will I ever be the lover you want me to be
What if cannot understand when you want you and when you want me
Will I ever be able to fill you in
What if am too dependent on you to fill me in

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Drops of love

"Drops of love"

When our eyes met and a question crossed the mind

Going back thinking the one when will I ever find

Wishing and hoping we cross paths again

Thinking hard how the conversation would begin

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love

The exchange of thoughts and glances through eyes so bright

Everything we said suddenly sounded so right

To watch each move so closely

Every crease on your face looked so lovely

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love

Gradually days became brighter and nights longer

With each dawn the bond stronger

Now time was on a sprint

The meetings left a cool and soothing after taste like the mint

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love

Waiting for the question to pop

The bright red line shining through the tear drop

Beginning of a new journey a new mission of a kind

Bless the home with happiness and a lovely child

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love

Through the contours of life as we travel

Along the way we stopped and bowed in his marvel

Sometimes silence dominated speech

Tough yet together guess this is what commitment had to teach

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love

Always treasure these drops of love through smile or pain

Never forget a pearl is made by a drop of rain

Drops together can make an ocean

Drops of love together makes life's journey so much more fun

Now I know what it meant catching those drops of love


Hello everybody!!

Apologies for the delay in updating my blog. That is because I have been traveling like crazy all over. Spent a week in London and of course have been moving in India as well.

Let me share a poem that describes the lady and when I shared it with her she was awestruck as in her words it was the best description that somebody could have written about her after having known her for ages.


What I find in you have not found in anybody yet

The eyes like a child thoughts speeding like a jet

The innocence like the beginning of creation

The strength of will like iron

The ease to travel any path

Tenderness behind the wrath

Free to experiment

All fits in such is the temperament

Happiness is not what you seek, you just attract

Capable of making the strongest minds to distract

Forgetful purposely

Questions you ignore conveniently

Mischief personified elegantly

Situations you get in and come out easily

Appear you are naive and cool

But you are nobody's fool

Wanting to do it all at the same time

You not listening her is the biggest crime

She can dance and she can sing

When she is with you she will answer every time the phone rings

What I find in you have not found in anybody yet

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In my mothers lap

Hi everybody

Sunday afternoon, updating my blog after doing Ganapati puja at home. Well you have got a glimpse of my poetry on philosophy and romance. The other aspect that I have written a few poms are on mother nature. Let me share a poem which I wrote when I was in a vineyard in Nasik in July for an offsite with around 100 colleagues. We had a blast there!

"In my mothers lap"

In my mothers lap I rest my head

With grass and flowers she prepared my bed

Always caring about all her children equally

Created the dawn noon and dusk and the three meals sequentially

She gives water for thirst

Feeds the hungry first

Does not complain in pain

Even if we hurt her for our gain

She makes the rain fall on the sea

Also on the garden where you grow tea

Makes the sun shines through the haze of winter

Also on the desert in summer

Decides the colour on each flower

To reach the sea makes the river maneuver

Gave different colours to the cloud

Made the lightening and thunder loud

Made waterways through the mountains

Make waterfalls sprout when it rains

Fruits to eat, leaves to cook

The sun and the sea and the sunset to look

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is one of my personal favorites.. cause this is an never ending poem as I progress in life I will keep adding to it. Lets make this interactive and lets build on this together..... why don't you all add to it and make it our poem because it is our concern and our futures concern.


God gives sight in most eyes

Why does he give vision to only few

Hearing to most ears

Why understanding to few

Strength in all arms

Why good deeds to few

God gives treasures to most to enjoy

Why does he give contentment to only few

God gives sleep to most

Why peace to few

Ability to smile to all

Why happiness to few


Today I will share two poems. The first one is titled Veil. Whenever we start to reach out a person and we gradually intrude into their personal space naturally because of the comfort or simply you observe or are keen to know about the person.... there is sudden fear that grips the other person as if you have entered unguarded territory and they try to shield or hide.... this one is for such a situation


Veil not the fragrance of a blooming flower for the bees will still find it

Veil not the sunlight with clouds for monsoons will still pass away

Veil not a happy heart with sadness for there will be sunshine anyways

Veil not rather, let me veil you from the evil world

Veil you from grief that people cause

Veil you with happiness and light for darkness to be veiled forever from your life.

More about the lady

Now let me tell you all a little more about the girl....

For my inspiration behind writing these poems I have got various responses ranging from " I find this very cute, romantic and mushy" to " God you are kidding... i thought you had met her professionally" to " You have become devdaas" and so on but responses have come on emails, text messages and phone calls.

Thank you all for taking out time for this.

This lady who inspired me to express myself and my thoughts through verses; let me tell you people every poetry that she has inspired I have sent it to her first saying this the incident or conversation that inspired the poem.

People just one thing to say go ahead reach out to people who have touched your lives and inspired you and tell them that they have made an impact and difference. Am sure they will reciprocate positively. Let us not stay restricted in our own closely held and bound world that we have created that we ourselves find it difficult to reach out to people or allow other to enter our world.

And by the way we are best buddies now and we feel our friendship and connect is eternal. Advantage of this ..... she is looking out for a chick for me to get hooked to I mean married to.... and everything in between.... ha ha

Hope the message is clear

I am single
More than eager to mingle
Can run around trees and sing a jingle
Baby your emotions I can tingle

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's not me , it's you

Another poem reflecting the subtle love and the tingling feel of romance that one goes through.... called it obviously "It's not me, It's you"

"It's not me, it's you"

Its you it's not me

When I wake up in the middle of the night just to smile

When I drift away at work only to nod my head and hang it down n smile

Its not me it's you

When I pray

When am touched by the first sun rays

Feel your hands in mine

When I have no sense of time

It you it's not me

That makes me wait to hear from you

Enjoy the pain as if its liberating

Its not me it's only you


Okay people

All those who I have shared some of my poems call me the eternal romantic..... so this Sunday afternoon let me share with you one my first romantic poems that I wrote not really with the intention of writing a romantic poem but trying to express exactly what I felt at that moment. Had written this on May 4th called it "Glance" - a relatively short one.


The road long and cruel

You cross my path like a gust of cool breeze

Made my shadow leave me to follow you

Like a fling towards a magnet helplessly

You in your casual world pass me by like a leaf falling from a branch

Desire I to find a place in your book to find me there patiently waiting for you to flip through the pages to catch a glance so fulfilling...


Hey there

This is a poem I started writing on a flight and completed while returning home from the airport. This is my attempt to reflect the world that we are living in and how we are positioned in it...... have called it "Realisation" - Aug 7; 21:35hrs


Can anything other than life be more funny

From birth to death and this never ending journey

All walk the same line

At each step we determine what's yours and what's mine

Leaving the joys we gather worries all the time

And then blame god as if by creating us he committed the biggest crime

Constantly looking for what others have got

What we've got we forgot

Claim the world to be bad and the self good

I am the best to understand the way of the world but when it comes to me the world never understood

Mistake we commit and our mind changes the rule to pardon

But when anybody else does that, living with him is such a burden

Success is what you earn

And not in what you unlearn

Happiness is in what you get

And not in your actions that made others regret

The greed never seems to cease

What's even amazing is that with age it will only increase

Education printed in books

Knowledge? Do you know how it looks

Teachers driven not by knowledge but by their own hunger

Children everyday walking towards our created danger

The old left to fight alone

Not with the world outside but with those who grew in their home

If you find four shoulders to carry you, fortunate you are

Blessed you would be if you find a cloth to cover life's scar

Realisation dawns only after dusk

Birds of time took away the grain what's left is only husk

See the muck not the blooming lotus

What you can get and not build together is the focus

Fatigue is what the world is heading towards

What when god leaves us alone in our journey onwards

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Wrote this May 19, 2009 at 23:05 hrs when I thought that the world we are creating and living in would we ever understand that. Probably the code to crack pain that we all suffer from.


To understand silence you need to understand speech

To understand distance you need to understand reach

To understand black you need to understand white

To understand wrong you need to understand right

To smell the rose risk the thorn

To know the unknown challange the norm

Break the night with the dawn

Heal the hurt only when you hear them mourn

Appreciate sight when vision is blur

Appreciate life as you run your finger thru fur

Love hate and everything in between

Life death and everything beneath

Truth deceit and everything the eye can meet

Souls straying by as if they are not to be

Explaination consumes life

Hunger still dissatisfied

The more you quench the more you dry

Try try and only try

Nothing left but to try

Eyes and ears all a waste

Mind losing control all in haste

Hold on cling on

Look around for flowers still bloom

They may not necessarily find a place in your room

I wanna

I wrote this on July 17, 2009 at 23:15 hrs just before going to sleep thinking what all I would like to do in this life. Have titled this " I wanna..."

" I wanna..."

I wanna talk to the sky
Jive with the stars
Wanna play ball with the sun
Wanna wake up feeling, last night I won the Oscars

I wanna sleep on the clouds
Slide down with the rain
Wanna fly like the wind
Wanna everyday explore a new domain

I wanna drink the sea
Go to the bottom of the mountain
Wanna grow like the tree
Wanna be the highest drop of water in a fountain

I wanna be as hot as ice
Meet the elves and fairies
Wana know the unknown
Wanna laze in the Prairies

I wanna understand light
Enable the revolution
Wanna see with eyes closed
Wanna be the point of the end and beginning of evolution

My poems not for me

Hey there everybody

It was May 1st, 2009 when I met this very charming lady who was still living as a free bird in this wild world completely untouched by the corruption and innocence reflected in her face and in her ways.

Wondering who this lady is ........ read on.

I met her at the Kemps Corner Crossword, was an official trying to be as correct as ever and throwing in that odd joke just to see if people around brush regularly. She that day again touched my heart with her mad ways and simplicity.

So I left the meeting and sent her an sms which was more like a little prayer.

"I pray to God that may you always rise like the soul that rises to unite with the spirit... if at all you fall may you fall like the waterfall for there is so much grace and dignity in its fall that it is a sight to watch"

And I guess that was the starting point. I somewhere felt the need to express my emotions, feelings and thoughts in a coded manner which would be simple for people to uncode.

So then since May 2, 2009 till date I have written more than 85 poems simply because everything I wanted to tell her or anything in the world that saw and touched me or influenced me ..... it simply flew as poetry.

If I have to classify broadly the subjects I have written on it ranges from "Love and romance" to "Nature" to "Life and its philosophy"

My inspiration to start this blog comes from my friends (I have not shared my poems with any male friends....... as I found that women really continue the conversation if you say you you write poetry ha ha ) who said I should publish them and put it all up on my blog.

So going forward let me share a few poems that I have written..... let me know if you would like more of them.

Cheers and God bless