Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hello everybody!!

Apologies for the delay in updating my blog. That is because I have been traveling like crazy all over. Spent a week in London and of course have been moving in India as well.

Let me share a poem that describes the lady and when I shared it with her she was awestruck as in her words it was the best description that somebody could have written about her after having known her for ages.


What I find in you have not found in anybody yet

The eyes like a child thoughts speeding like a jet

The innocence like the beginning of creation

The strength of will like iron

The ease to travel any path

Tenderness behind the wrath

Free to experiment

All fits in such is the temperament

Happiness is not what you seek, you just attract

Capable of making the strongest minds to distract

Forgetful purposely

Questions you ignore conveniently

Mischief personified elegantly

Situations you get in and come out easily

Appear you are naive and cool

But you are nobody's fool

Wanting to do it all at the same time

You not listening her is the biggest crime

She can dance and she can sing

When she is with you she will answer every time the phone rings

What I find in you have not found in anybody yet

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