Sunday, August 23, 2009

In my mothers lap

Hi everybody

Sunday afternoon, updating my blog after doing Ganapati puja at home. Well you have got a glimpse of my poetry on philosophy and romance. The other aspect that I have written a few poms are on mother nature. Let me share a poem which I wrote when I was in a vineyard in Nasik in July for an offsite with around 100 colleagues. We had a blast there!

"In my mothers lap"

In my mothers lap I rest my head

With grass and flowers she prepared my bed

Always caring about all her children equally

Created the dawn noon and dusk and the three meals sequentially

She gives water for thirst

Feeds the hungry first

Does not complain in pain

Even if we hurt her for our gain

She makes the rain fall on the sea

Also on the garden where you grow tea

Makes the sun shines through the haze of winter

Also on the desert in summer

Decides the colour on each flower

To reach the sea makes the river maneuver

Gave different colours to the cloud

Made the lightening and thunder loud

Made waterways through the mountains

Make waterfalls sprout when it rains

Fruits to eat, leaves to cook

The sun and the sea and the sunset to look

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