Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why heart breaks are important


I know its been really long since i wrote something, well like it is said there a time and place for everything... and so it is for this post....

One word that occupies a lot of mind space these days amongst all is "relationship" but do we really understand that i don't think we do because if at we did we would never create such a mess out of it.....

Let me try and explain my perspective with very simple examples that we can understand.

A relationship only takes place between two or more 'individuals'. This means there has to be coordination in every sense for it to function and to coordinate well with somebody else you have to be well coordinated yourself.

The problem is when we are not well coordinated we will always blame the wrong coordination of the other than ourselves.

Okay lets take the example of a smal child and the activity of eating... you know the mess they create.... it is your own hand and your own mouth but still you cannot get the spoon straight into the mouth without dropping food. Just think of it, instinctively you can feel your hunger, you know food has to be fed through your mouth, you have to use your hand to feed, etc. etc. yet it takes a few years to master the art of eating without dropping.

Now with your body, organs and senses to coordinate a basic thing takes you so long and by repeated use and practice you get it right, just imagine affairs of the heart and to make things worse emotions attached to it that are difficult to see, undertsand, deal with and the worst part is you do not know where they come from and where they go.

An early relationship is like the child getting the food in the mouth without dropping, it takes a lot of practice, patience and the liberty to drop food. The irony is that we all are just not willing to give our partners to drop the food when oursleves keep dropping it.

Just like dropping food teaches you how to eat properly, heartbreaks are very important to unsderstand your hearts desire and the coordination with your emotion and to balance expectations. When you can see the movement of your limbs and you can physically protect it from danger and injury by way of natural reflexes, unfortunately with the heart you cannot be proactive and in most cases the learning is reactive.

Proactive or reactive, learning is very important and hence the process of heart break on makes you realise what went wrong in the movement of the hand to the mouth.

Understand what you seek for you shall stop seeking in others. Because there nothing that you cannot find within but the depth you want to reach.

If there is life ... there is love.... there is no escape.... live life!

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  1. Hi Sanyal

    that is so beautiful.
    in order to receive love we need to learn to give love.