Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is one of my personal favorites.. cause this is an never ending poem as I progress in life I will keep adding to it. Lets make this interactive and lets build on this together..... why don't you all add to it and make it our poem because it is our concern and our futures concern.


God gives sight in most eyes

Why does he give vision to only few

Hearing to most ears

Why understanding to few

Strength in all arms

Why good deeds to few

God gives treasures to most to enjoy

Why does he give contentment to only few

God gives sleep to most

Why peace to few

Ability to smile to all

Why happiness to few


  1. god gives brain to all
    and common sense just to few

    god gives pain to all
    and numbness to few

    why wonder so much..
    open your mind

    can we just go beyond you and me... and a few we know..

    why is it always about you and me..
    why are so narrow
    why cant we build bridges
    open your self
    spread your wings
    learn to fly again as we have taken so much for granted.

    lets appreciate and thank him and the mother earth or be prepared for the fury and the rage which we will never be able to fight.

  2. you know what remove the comment...i can feel you are in love and here i am giving you gyaan..

    chill pal

    happy love