Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More about the lady

Now let me tell you all a little more about the girl....

For my inspiration behind writing these poems I have got various responses ranging from " I find this very cute, romantic and mushy" to " God you are kidding... i thought you had met her professionally" to " You have become devdaas" and so on but responses have come on emails, text messages and phone calls.

Thank you all for taking out time for this.

This lady who inspired me to express myself and my thoughts through verses; let me tell you people every poetry that she has inspired I have sent it to her first saying this the incident or conversation that inspired the poem.

People just one thing to say go ahead reach out to people who have touched your lives and inspired you and tell them that they have made an impact and difference. Am sure they will reciprocate positively. Let us not stay restricted in our own closely held and bound world that we have created that we ourselves find it difficult to reach out to people or allow other to enter our world.

And by the way we are best buddies now and we feel our friendship and connect is eternal. Advantage of this ..... she is looking out for a chick for me to get hooked to I mean married to.... and everything in between.... ha ha

Hope the message is clear

I am single
More than eager to mingle
Can run around trees and sing a jingle
Baby your emotions I can tingle


  1. Motu, Phull Philmi ho...kaash ye bollywood ishtyle pehle kiya tha...hey jokes apart on a serious note... when we start loving someone we start uncovering ourselves..thank god i did not chew on your 3 months trial bait... keep it simple tell her you like her.

  2. I agree with Akansha......you should tell the woman about your feelings. I am assuming she must be smart enough to have understood that by now.

    ahem...why is she helping you find a bride instead contemplate whether she wants to be your bride or not????