Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today I will share two poems. The first one is titled Veil. Whenever we start to reach out a person and we gradually intrude into their personal space naturally because of the comfort or simply you observe or are keen to know about the person.... there is sudden fear that grips the other person as if you have entered unguarded territory and they try to shield or hide.... this one is for such a situation


Veil not the fragrance of a blooming flower for the bees will still find it

Veil not the sunlight with clouds for monsoons will still pass away

Veil not a happy heart with sadness for there will be sunshine anyways

Veil not rather, let me veil you from the evil world

Veil you from grief that people cause

Veil you with happiness and light for darkness to be veiled forever from your life.

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  1. Mr.Banker,
    Not necessary for to comment on every poem.. hu hu motu!