Saturday, August 15, 2009


Wrote this May 19, 2009 at 23:05 hrs when I thought that the world we are creating and living in would we ever understand that. Probably the code to crack pain that we all suffer from.


To understand silence you need to understand speech

To understand distance you need to understand reach

To understand black you need to understand white

To understand wrong you need to understand right

To smell the rose risk the thorn

To know the unknown challange the norm

Break the night with the dawn

Heal the hurt only when you hear them mourn

Appreciate sight when vision is blur

Appreciate life as you run your finger thru fur

Love hate and everything in between

Life death and everything beneath

Truth deceit and everything the eye can meet

Souls straying by as if they are not to be

Explaination consumes life

Hunger still dissatisfied

The more you quench the more you dry

Try try and only try

Nothing left but to try

Eyes and ears all a waste

Mind losing control all in haste

Hold on cling on

Look around for flowers still bloom

They may not necessarily find a place in your room

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  1. Nice one, bro. Way to go. keep it coming.