Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey there

This is a poem I started writing on a flight and completed while returning home from the airport. This is my attempt to reflect the world that we are living in and how we are positioned in it...... have called it "Realisation" - Aug 7; 21:35hrs


Can anything other than life be more funny

From birth to death and this never ending journey

All walk the same line

At each step we determine what's yours and what's mine

Leaving the joys we gather worries all the time

And then blame god as if by creating us he committed the biggest crime

Constantly looking for what others have got

What we've got we forgot

Claim the world to be bad and the self good

I am the best to understand the way of the world but when it comes to me the world never understood

Mistake we commit and our mind changes the rule to pardon

But when anybody else does that, living with him is such a burden

Success is what you earn

And not in what you unlearn

Happiness is in what you get

And not in your actions that made others regret

The greed never seems to cease

What's even amazing is that with age it will only increase

Education printed in books

Knowledge? Do you know how it looks

Teachers driven not by knowledge but by their own hunger

Children everyday walking towards our created danger

The old left to fight alone

Not with the world outside but with those who grew in their home

If you find four shoulders to carry you, fortunate you are

Blessed you would be if you find a cloth to cover life's scar

Realisation dawns only after dusk

Birds of time took away the grain what's left is only husk

See the muck not the blooming lotus

What you can get and not build together is the focus

Fatigue is what the world is heading towards

What when god leaves us alone in our journey onwards

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  1. there is only 2 truths to living..Life and death.. and try to live life and die once..then to die a million death everyday.