Saturday, August 15, 2009

My poems not for me

Hey there everybody

It was May 1st, 2009 when I met this very charming lady who was still living as a free bird in this wild world completely untouched by the corruption and innocence reflected in her face and in her ways.

Wondering who this lady is ........ read on.

I met her at the Kemps Corner Crossword, was an official trying to be as correct as ever and throwing in that odd joke just to see if people around brush regularly. She that day again touched my heart with her mad ways and simplicity.

So I left the meeting and sent her an sms which was more like a little prayer.

"I pray to God that may you always rise like the soul that rises to unite with the spirit... if at all you fall may you fall like the waterfall for there is so much grace and dignity in its fall that it is a sight to watch"

And I guess that was the starting point. I somewhere felt the need to express my emotions, feelings and thoughts in a coded manner which would be simple for people to uncode.

So then since May 2, 2009 till date I have written more than 85 poems simply because everything I wanted to tell her or anything in the world that saw and touched me or influenced me ..... it simply flew as poetry.

If I have to classify broadly the subjects I have written on it ranges from "Love and romance" to "Nature" to "Life and its philosophy"

My inspiration to start this blog comes from my friends (I have not shared my poems with any male friends....... as I found that women really continue the conversation if you say you you write poetry ha ha ) who said I should publish them and put it all up on my blog.

So going forward let me share a few poems that I have written..... let me know if you would like more of them.

Cheers and God bless


  1. I read all your poems, in this blog, I was surprised, Its are really fantastic.I have never thought that you will become poet.
    Very Good Keep it up Raja.

  2. Hello Raja
    U r very expressive like a crystal.
    your each line bring more curosity to read another line. Whats next gonna be???
    Glad to have a friend like you and a complete honour. i ll try to follow you and share some thoughts with you as well.